Women’s March Zurich will take place on Saturday 18 March 2017, starting at 1.30 pm in Helvetiaplatz.

The Women’s March Zurich is a “Sister March” of the Women’s March on Washington on 21 January and therefore has the same commitment to a global women’s and human rights movement. We are taking to the streets of Zurich to make our current struggles against inequality present in Switzerland itself, the wider European community, and the world heard. The current political scene in the USA and many other countries often strengthens sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic, and socio-economic inequality attitudes whilst promoting discrimination against people on the basis of age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender, ancestry, indigenous peoples, etc. We march together for the rights, dignity, and freedom of all, not a few. The Women’s March Zurich stands in solidarity with women’s movements and protests worldwide.

The Women’s March movement will be supported by the demonstrators on March 18; individuals, groups, and organizations together. We call on all of them to make their solidarity, concerns, and demands heard, and to stand up and strengthen each other.

The Women’s March does not have just one face, but many.

We, the Organizing Committee, consist of a group of individuals with and without ties to organized structures. Together, we provide the framework and the infrastructure so that this demonstration can take place.

The Organizing Committee will not comment on any kind of press inquiries.

We look forward to a peaceful, multi-talented and empowering March.

Update: The permit has been granted.

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Women’s March Zürich, Bern
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